For over 80 years the Maioli firm has worked to defend nature and the environment, by projecting
and promoting green spaces and producing plants.
It is this great love for the environment and nature that has guided us to safeguard as much fruit
species as possible.
In fact around the 60s / 70s the fruit production was led towards a standardization, selecting new
clones and eliminating old varieties.
Our MISSION is to avoid the extinction of as much fruit species as possible and to preserve them.
Moreover, every day the firm continues its research to protect biodiversity, always setting more and
more important goals.
Apart from research and the preservation of old varieties, we have the aim to spread information
about them; moreover, we try to spread the IDEAL that pushes this firm to accomplish this difficult
Our IDEAL is to teach future farmers a sustainable agriculture, which woud need very few
treatments with plant protection products, and would consequently respect the environment and
In fact, only by cultivating resistant varieties which do not need the traditional 30/35 interventions
with chemicals, we will be able to obtain a production that is HEALTHY for the consumer and
sustainable for the environment.