The Picking
The fruit picking period depends on the varieties and the product destination: summer fruit must be
picked few days before its ripening; winter varieties must be picked as late as possible in order to
have bigger quantities and a more ripe fruit.
It is necessary to pick fruit during sunny and not windy days, being careful not to dent it, as it also
needs to keep the petiole intact. The fruit has to be dry when detached and needs to be placed in
stuffed baskets. Fruit is well preserved in cool environments, possibly without cement floors, but a
beaten earth flooring, and airy, removing any rotten fruit.
An important suggestion that is frequently omitted is the fruit thinning out, especially onplants
grafted on weak rootstocks: if the plant is full of fruit there is the risk to obtain an insufficient
colour and a poor flavour. After the natural fall of the fruit, we proceed with the thinning out, tryingto leave a fruit every 10 cm; this way we obtain more and more flavoured fruits.