For the family orchard it is always convenient to add mature manure: organic manure that
improves the soil structure and permits to nourish plants in a natural way; alternatively, we can use
the bovine pellet as organic manure.
The best season for the manuring is the one from November to January. In case of plants with
poor vegetation or clayey soils, it is recommended to repeat the manuring in April-May with a
mixed organic-mineral manure, with which we can bring not only nitrogen, but also phosphorus,
potassium, calcium, magnesium etc.
Regarding the vine, it is convenient not to exaggerate with nitrogen based manuring, as this
element causes a vegetation explosion and consequently an exaggerated leaf production, which
overshadows the clusters, promoting the creation of fungus diseases.
The vine instead, needs:
• boron during the blossoming time;
• calcium, which favours the sugar content and regulates the acidity;
• iron, which regulates the photosynthesis in clayey and calcareous soils and helps to prevent
the yellowing of the leaves;
• phosphorus, very useful in the grapes' ripening process;
• potassium, which favours the growth of the wood and makes the vine more resistant to