Before the planting we must decide the order, namely the “planting scheme”.

posizionando le piante a quadrato con una al centro   sesto d'impianto a filare   sesto d'impianto a filare sfalsato   posizionando le piante ai quattro angoli
1. a quinconce (posizionando le piante a quadrato con una al centro);   2. a file;   3. a file sfalsate;   4. a quadrato (posizionando le piante ai quattro angoli);

1. quincunx (positioning the plants in a square shape with one in the centre);

2. lined up;

3. in offset rows;
4. in a square (positioning the plants at the four corners);
The suggested distance among plants with an average growth is of 5x4 meters. For plants with a
weak rootstock 4x3 meters are enough, while for plants on free or wild rootstocks, a distance of 6x6
meters is required.