Before proceeding to the various grafting techniques, I woud like to go into detail about the cutting
of the scion: it could seem a banal operation, but it is important to remind you of few precautions.
It is essential to cut the scions from healthy plants already in production, without forgetting that the
best branches to be picked are the 1 year old ones and that the best ones are those on the external
part of the foliage.
The scions used for the spring grafts need to be well lignified, vigorous, but not too thick. The
scions' picking needs to be done between January nd February, avoiding too cold days.
The scions, gathered in bunches and wrapped in a black plastic cloth, have to be stored in the dark
in a cellar or another cold place, possibly covered by sand to maintain a constant humidity;
alternatively, it is possible to place them in suitable refrigerators at a temperature of 3-4°C.
Instead, resting buds' scions (August) need to be picked the day before the grafting, to prevent
dehydration. Right after the picking, the scions are defoliated by cutting in half the petiole, and
discarding the buds placed at the top and at the base of the scion.