The reproduction
The multiplication of plants can be obtained through the seed or a part of the plant, like the cutting,
the layering, the offshoot, the meristem and the grafting. Some reproduction methods, like layering
and the offshoot, are often used by hobbysts.
For some fruit-bearing plants' species, particularly walnuts, it is preferred to use the seed for
reproduction, as sowing it, it will be obtained a plant that will yield fruits similar to those of the
original one.
La Riproduzione delle Piante da Frutto - talea
For the other fruit-bearing plants, reproduction is generally obtained through the grafting.
The grafting tecnique consists in juxtaposing or inserting one into the other, parts of two plants, so
that they can connect steadily and form a new plant.
The graft is formed by a basal part and an apical one. The basal part, which will provide the roots, is
called “rootstock”; the apical one, which provides the foliage, is called “scion”.