How did our ancient fruits collection born?

Who we are
Since 1928 ...
Just back in 1928 Mario Maioli's passion was born: Collect fruit's seeds to plant them, watch them grow lush and beautiful , graft and finally provide them to his first clients.
So it's like this that the one who we would like to call as "The Seeds Man" has began his work as a nurseryman; and amid all the hardships and obstacles, thanks to his humility and desire to do well, he created his own nursery .
He loved especially the vine and fruit trees; hence the passion for growing old forgotten or endangered varieties. And the ongoing commitment to the rediscovery of old varieties, with the certainty that even one small scion grafted on the seedlings that he had sown himself, would have avoided the extinction of the variety.
Over the years that passion has been passed to his children, who have always worked with the Great Teacher, taking advantage of his experience. He didn't seek to modern things, to the beauty, but to the preservation of the forms , the colors , the smells , the flavors that make unique antique fruits.
The Seeds Man passed away in 1995 , leaving a big gap between us, but gave us a heritage made of values ​​that we still want to guide our activities today.
Today our collection of antique fruits, that we just wanted to call the Man of Seeds, has more than 1,200 varieties, and our commitment is to make it grow every day teaming up with others workers in the sector through a continuous exchange of old varieties, not only local one but from all over Italy, in order to promote the value and to conserve the biodiversity .
Certainly the ancient fruits are not "beautiful" as those that the world offers us today, but, unlike the latter, are much more resistant to disease, thus not requiring heavy pesticide treatments, and have a high vitamin, that in some varieties reaches the 29% .
In a world where everything seems to be contaminated, the ancient fruits, albeit small and not shiny, are the guarantee of a genuine and natural product, and unchanged aromas and flavors.
Today Maioli Enzo, one of the leaders in the ancient fruits cultivation, is proud to present to the customers how many good things has been created in the past. The hope is to be able to transmit a bit of that passion that drives us to make sure that so many varieties of fruits, that nature has offered, wont get lost. The invitation is not only to those who are no longer young and had the fortune to know the riches of the past, but also and especially to young people, because they don't lose the opportunity to appreciate them, bringing a glimpse of the past and of authenticity in this world that is projected into the future.
The Seeds Man: ancient roots to look to the future
If it was possible today to write these lines, a special thanks goes to The Seeds Man that founded this company in 1928 .